Preparing for Financial Due Diligence: Best Practices for M&A Transactions

Successfully completing financial due diligence is a crucial part of selling any company. This due diligence process determines how much buyers are ultimately willing to pay, how fast they move, and how they approach final negotiations over the definitive purchase agreement.

To succeed, sellers need to understand the buyers' mindset and be able to discuss everything – from the big picture to the most minute detail. In this discussion, panelists outline best practices when preparing for and/or undergoing financial due diligence. 



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Bradley McConnell

Partner | FH+H

Bradley McConnell is a Partner at FH+H and serves as the head of the firm’s Mergers and Acquisitions and Venture Capital Practice. In addition to M&A and VC, Mr. McConnell’s practice includes a wide variety of transactional and corporate matters at all stages of company growth including: joint venture agreements, corporate restructuring, founder stock purchase and buy-sell agreements, debt financing, spin-offs and spin-outs, employment agreements, master services agreements, customer contracts, commercial leasing, technology licensing, and more.



Richard Phillips

Senior Partner | Crossroads Capital, LLC

Richard is the Founder and Senior Partner of Crossroads Capital, LLC. He leads a team of experienced financial analysts, research assistants, and directors bringing the organization's tailored solutions to middle-market companies throughout the US and around the world. 


Ken Runkles

Founder & Managing Partner | Stratelligence Business Consulting

Ken is the Founder and Managing Partner of Stratelligence Business Consulting, a powerhouse small boutique management consulting company that provides CFO Advisory Services to businesses and government agencies. Ken has spenet 25 years in government contracting focusing on DoD and Intelligence Community and served in the role of Chief Financial Officer for more than 15 years.


Jim Sherwood

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer | Federal Compass

Jim has over 15 years of experience in building and delivering market intelligence solutions for government contractors. He joined the leading market intelligence solution in 2004, where he was responsible for managing and modernizing their federal products. Jim later worked for a B2B consultancy, where he managed a strategic-focused consulting practice.

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