FH+H lawyers have the ability to successfully represent clients on all aspects of copyright law, from identifying and registering a copyright and counseling on best practices and safe harbor provisions under the DMCA to litigating disputes in federal court.

Services + Solutions

Our Copyright team can help clients:

  • Identify and register copyrightable materials.
  • Counsel and represent during copyright disputes, including monitoring, cease and desist letters, and issues related to infringement and take-down procedures within e-commerce and social media.
  • Litigation and administrative proceedings
  • Counsel ISPs and social media platforms on balancing compliance issues with DMCA safe harbors with shaping and protecting their brand culture and end-user experience.
  • Conduct copyright clearance reviews and secure appropriate licenses for works incorporating film, music, works of art, and other protectable content.
  • Protect copyrights related to employees, contractors, licensees, and other third parties, including works made for hire, assignment of rights, and intellectual property usage guidelines.
  • Monetize copyrights through content distribution and licensing.
  • Protect copyrights and other proprietary material through online terms or use and click-through licensing.
  • Counsel regarding open source code copyright issues.
  • Develop and organize IP portfolios for mergers and acquisitions, as well as preparation for venture capital funding.

Experience + Capabilities

FH+H lawyers:

  • Have substantial experience with copyright clearance and prosecution, including opinion letters and federal filings with the US Copyright Office and US Customs and Border Protection.
  • Prosecute and defend against claims of copyright infringement, including online administrative take-down disputes.
  • Develop and optimize IP portfolios for mergers, acquisitions, and venture capital funding.

Success + Clients

Note: Case results depend on a variety of unique factors and do not guarantee or predict similar results in the future.

  • Represented a major Internet service provider in actions involving the application of the safe harbor provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, resulting in landmark case law.
  • Defended a large online advertising company against a coalition of major news websites in an action involving copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, and unfair competition.
  • Provided counseling, enforcement, and defense regarding trademark and copyright matters, including monitoring, cease and desist letters, and various online "take down" measures available in e-commerce sites and social media for numerous high-profile clients, including media companies, food and beverage companies, and sports organizations.
  • Developed IP portfolios for start-up companies to better present proprietary intellectual property to potential investors.

To learn more about how FH+H lawyers can help with your copyright needs, please contact one of our professionals.