Suspension + Debarment

Suspension or debarment can have devastating impact on a government contractor. Most companies fail to recover from suspension, and thus having the right representation to assist in responding to a notice of suspension or debarment is absolutely vital to the life of a company. FH+H attorneys represent federal contractors before all federal suspension and debarment officials.

Services + Solutions

Our suspension and debarment team can help clients:

  • Respond to show-cause notices
  • Advocate on behalf of contractors facing proposed suspensions and debarments before agency Suspension and Debarment Officials
  • Negotiate administrative agreements to avoid suspension and debarment
  • Mitigate the risk of suspension or debarment upon learning of potentially unethical actions by employees or business units
  • Design and implement ethics and compliance programs to preempt unethical behavior, reduce risk of government investigation, and limit the severity of sanctions imposed by the government

Experience + Capabilities

FH+H helps individuals and corporations facing administrative suspension and debarment, so they can focus on the growth and profitability of their business.

  • The FH+H suspension and debarment team has, collectively, both helped prosecute suspensions and debarments on behalf of the Government and defended contractors of varying sizes and specialties against such actions
  • FH+H attorneys serve as “outside” general counsel for dozens of government contractors
  • Several FH+H attorneys have previously worked for government contractors

Successes + Clients

Note: Case results depend on a variety of unique factors, and do not guarantee or predict similar results for future cases.

  • Preempted a potentially crippling proposed debarment by coordinating a voluntary disclosure to the Government
  • Negotiated with Department of Defense suspension and debarment official the termination of a proposed debarment for former employee of major government contractor
  • Assisted a client in responding to a proposed debarment for alleged misrepresentations and potential False Claims Act charge

To learn more about how FH+H lawyers can help with your suspension or debarment issue, please contact one of our professionals.