Bid Protests

FH+H attorneys have extensive experience assisting federal contractors in pursuing bid protests before a variety of forums.

The bid protest process is one of the most important tools available to government contractors. Federal contractors who believe the government improperly awarded a contract to a competitor may file a protest before one of several different forums. Protests often delay performance of a contract until they are resolved. Acting quickly is imperative, as contractors forfeit many of their protest rights if they fail to meet very short and strict deadlines.

Filing a bid protest once carried a stigma, but today they are an integral part of the government contract landscape. The key is in only protesting when it makes the best legal AND business sense and, if a protest is filed, to do so in a way that does not adversely impact a contractor’s ability to win contracts from that agency in the future. A protest win that irreparably damages the relationship with the agency is a hollow victory. 

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“Bid protests serve a critically important legal function in making sure government procurements are handled fairly and that government agencies follow the rules. But contractors also need to understand the broader implications of protests as part of their procurement and business strategies.” –Joseph Fluet, FH+H Founding Partner

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