Corporate Investigations and Audits

FH+H lawyers have extensive experience conducting comprehensive corporate internal investigations for companies of every size.  In addition, FH+H lawyers routinely provide complex forensic accounting services to identify and prevent fraud, and assist companies in establishing internal processes to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local statutes and regulations.

Services + Solutions

Our internal investigation team has helped clients:

  • Conduct internal investigations in response to criminal prosecutions, SEC enforcement actions, GAO investigations, State Attorney General Investigations, and other government actions
  • Take proactive steps to identify, address and prevent potential fraud or misconduct
  • Identify areas of potential legal liability and advise clients on steps to mitigate exposure
  • Review and revise internal financial controls, processes, and procedures
  • Anticipate outcome of government investigation and recommending appropriate courses of action.
  • Respond to government inquiries and/or investigations, including coordinating responses to subpoenas and warrants, as well as target letters from government entities.

Experience + Capabilities

Our attorneys hold high level security clearances, and have experience with the Federal Acquisition Regulations, international treaties, anti-money laundering statutes and regulations, export compliance, reporting requirements, protection of sensitive material, and false claims. Our investigation and audit team, which includes attorneys who have relevant experience such as CPA, certified fraud examiner, former government compliance specialist, and former White House counsel, can provide your company with the most effective and efficient audits and investigations to minimize risk of investigation and aggressively respond to government investigative actions.

Successes + Clients

  • Reviewed an internal investigation regarding a government contracting client involved in work that had resulted in a major prime contractor being suspended from contracting with the United States Government – recommended a path forward that minimized risk but did not result in action by the cognizant suspension and debarment official.
  • Conducted investigation into possible illegal and/or unethical practices of corporate client's competitor.
  • Routinely review corporate documents and practices to analyze risk of potential investigation and/or audit.

To learn more about how FH+H lawyers can help with your corporate investigations and audits, please contact one of our professionals.