Corporate Compliance

FH+H attorneys will work with your corporate team to evaluate, advise, and revise structures, plans, and agreements to ensure full compliance with federal, state, and international compliance rules to minimize risk and maximize profitability.

Services + Solutions

Our compliance team can help analyze and ensure efficient, effective corporate compliance with:

  • FAR requirements for government contractors, including ethics compliance program requirement for all contractors with contracts worth $5M and lasting 120 days or longer. 
  • U.S. Government requirements for firms doing business overseas, including FCPA and ITAR regulations

Experience + Capabilities

FH+H attorneys can help growing and established companies evaluate and mitigate risk factors for government investigations and regulatory inquiries.  Our focus is creating streamlined, internally administered plans that allow for maximum growth while affording effective protection from unnecessary exposure to the company, its owners, Board Members, and corporate leadership.

  • FH+H clients face a broad array of compliance concerns and regulatory and reporting obligations, which can vary across various government contracting and national security fields.
  • FH+H has significant experience in advising companies with different compliance requirements and risk tolerance – our attorneys provide catered solutions designed to fit each client's individual needs. 
  • FH+H lawyers have experience with internal investigations, ranging from certified fraud examiners to defending White House compliance programs, to working for government agencies charged with prosecuting corporate compliance violations. 
  • FH+H has assisted companies create compliance programs from inception,  and help defend clients alleged to have violated its compliance requirements. 
  • By leveraging extensive experience, FH+H attorneys can provide efficient compliance specialist able to effectively process paperwork through state and federal agencies. 

Successes + Clients

  • Created numerous comprehensive corporate compliance programs, including policies encompassing FAR ethics requirements, ITAR requirements, and cybersecurity programs.
  • Scaled programs to meet size and risk tolerance requirements for various customers.
  • Analyzed compliance status for company as possible M&A target, prior to potential investors beginning due diligence process by.
  • Assisted government contractor suspended from contracting by a federal agency, create and administer corporate compliance program that renewed its ability to pursue new federal work.
  • Assisted government contractor in analyzing potential self-reporting of violation, and creation of new compliance program to prevent future violations.
  • Lead the effort to overhaul the management and ownership structure of a government contracting company that provided technology and support to the Department of Defense.
  • Created export compliance program to assist national security firm in conducting overseas operations.

To learn more about how FH+H lawyers can help with your corporate compliance, please contact one of our professionals.