May 20, 2016

Capitol Post RESET - Workshops to Frame Your Future Missions

Capitol Post, home of the DC veteran business community & accelerator Bunker Labs DC., is hosting a three-part workshop series based on over two years of feedback from people who’ve considered starting a business, taking the next step in their careers, exploring a different path, or who are even just feeling a bit stagnant in where they are. Details for the workshops are below, to register click here
FH+H is proud to be a founding sponsor for Capitol Post
Problem: What's next for you?  Thinking about the future whether it's taking the next step in your career, thinking about starting a business, exploring a different path, or even just feeling stagnant where you're at is challenging and can feel uncertain. 

Solution: A proven framework to help you reflect and understand your strengths, values, and purpose in life.

How: You’ll assess and reflect on how you see the world and interact with it, define your personal values, and uncover what drives your fulfillment. 

Outcome: A personal mission map of action steps to help you fuel what’s next in your career or life with the accountability, resources, and network of like-minded individuals to share your success. 

These workshops are perfect for you if you:

  • Have achieved a level of success yet often wonder what makes you feel most fulfilled
  • At a plateau and are looking for actionable steps to figuring out a new or different path
  • Want to build your narrative for the career and life you want


  • Workshop One | Expand Your Power | Tue, May 24th 
  • Workshop Two | Fuel Your Passion | Tue, June 7th 
  • Workshop Three | Map Your Mission | Tue, June 21st

Time: 5:30-7:00PM. Because each session builds upon each other, we kindly ask that you attend all three.

Logistics: Plenty of onsite parking available at no cost. Closet metro is yellow line, Braddock Road.

Cost: $65 (includes working dinners)


Workshop One | Expand Your Power | Tue, May 24th 

Prior to the first workshop, you’ll take a strengths and values assessment that uncoverswhat sparks motivation and meaning in your life. In Workshop One, we explore how the stories you tell and the ways you experience the world impact the level of passion and meaning in your life. This session helps you understand your unique and inherent value.

Workshop Two | Fuel Your Passion | Tue, June 7th 

In Workshop Two, we explore the values that frame your life. By reflecting on when you’ve felt the most alive and when you’ve experienced the most angst, we begin to uncover the hidden drivers of your happiness. We address how to define and live into your values then invite you to experiment with your values in the real world. 

Workshop Three | Map Your Mission | Tue, June 21st

Workshop Three guides you through building your personal mission map. The purpose, rules of engagement and desired outcomes are critical for military mission success. When crafting your life mission, these tools are even more important. Integrating insights from Workshop One and Two, you create your mission map. With this tool, you declarehow you want to live and define how you will expand beyond where you are today.

Questions? Shoot Emily McMahan an email at emily.mcmahan [at]  

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