Success Stories


FH+H Attorneys Take on False Claims Act Case

August 14, 2019

FH+H Partners Milt Johns and Kevin Byrnes represented a client during a Department of Justice interview involving six federal agencies related to an allegation of a False Claims Act (FCA) violation. Johns and Byrnes prepped their client for the interview and the client was able to successfully present the facts supporting the company's defense that there was no wrongdoing.

FH+H's robust Government Contracts practice group has the capacity to represent FCA defendants and relators, giving the firm a unique understanding of the different sides of an FCA case.

FH+H Client Receives Settlement within Two Hours of Sending Demand Letter

August 13, 2019
FH+H Partner Milt Johns and Associate Marzia Momen helped their client receive a few months’ worth of unpaid invoices and ensure that contractual obligations were met on behalf of their client. 
A software company owed our client monthly referral fees under two different referral agreements. The company then merged with another technology development company, which assumed the debts owed to the client but still failed to make those payments on time. FH+H sent a demand letter on behalf of the client to the surviving company of the merger, clarifying the continued obligation to the client. 
Within two hours of sending the demand letter, our client and the technology development company were able to reach a settlement, allowing for the business relationship between the two parties to be closed in an agreeable manner, without any further harm. 
FH+H provides efficient transactional support to a variety of companies through our Corporate + Business Transactions practice group. Our team can effectively blend highly skilled legal, accounting, business, and management expertise to provide you with creative solutions for your complex corporate transactions.

FH+H Client Receives Unemployment Benefits After Initially Being Denied

July 19, 2019

FH+H represented a Maryland employee who, after being let go from his job, applied for unemployment benefits and was denied. Our attorneys assisted the client in filing for and receiving benefits.

In representing the employee before the Maryland Division of Labor Licensing and Regulation Unemployment Division (DLLR), FH+H attorneys Jacqueline Mitchell-Koromah and Milton Johns helped the employee receive a finding that he was not terminated because of gross misconduct.

This verdict enables him to receive backpay starting from the date he initially applied for unemployment benefits. The client initially applied for benefits on his own behalf and was denied. This victory occurred at the appellate level, after FH+H was retained as legal counsel. 

FH+H is proud of its capability to assist clients in vindicating their rights in a variety of jurisdictions, including Maryland state tribunals.

Read more about our Employment Law practice here.

FH+H GovCon Team Successfully Prosecutes Bid Protest

June 12, 2019

The FH+H Government Contracts team, including Partner Milt Johns and Associate Rachel Leahey, successfully prosecuted a bid protest for a client that resulted in the agency – the U.S. Department of State – taking voluntary corrective action highly beneficial to our client. 

The agency agreed to reevaluate offerors’ task order proposals and make a new award decision based on the criteria stated in the solicitation. 

The protest succeeded primarily due to creative arguments about the awardee’s lack of experience supported with facts collected from the Federal Procurement Data System.  The information presented in the protest demonstrated that the awardee could not meet a solicitation requirement – and the agency’s evaluation to the contrary was in error.  Supporting allegations with verifiable facts is the best way to ensure a successful protest.  In addition, although it was a best value procurement, we persuasively argued that the agency placed undue emphasis on price, in effect converting it to a low price technically acceptable protest. 

FH+H has a robust Government Contracts practice group that is able to guide contractors through the maze of applicable rules and regulations to enable corporate success.

FH+H Helps Local Veterans Form a Community Based 501(c)(3) Charity

June 11, 2019

Associate Emily Spence helped set up a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity for a local group of veterans seeking to engage their local community. FH+H worked with the client to develop a plan to achieve its charitable purpose, form a nonstock Virginia corporation, and obtain tax-exempt status from the IRS.

FH+H Helps a WOSB Get Awarded a New GSA Schedule Contract

June 11, 2019

FH+H Partner Milt Johns and Associate Emily Spence successfully helped a woman-owned small business get awarded a new GSA Federal Supply Schedule contract. During the process, the FH+H team not only advised the client, but also prepared and submitted the client’s offer through the GSA’s eOffer system and assisted in pre-award negotiations with the GSA’s contracting officer. As a GSA’s Federal Supply Schedule contract holder, FH+H’s client will be able to more easily offer their products to a variety of government customers and federally funded research facilities for the next five years.

FH+H has a robust Government Contracts practice group that is able to guide contractors through the maze of applicable rules and regulations to enable corporate success.

FH+H Helps GovCon Client Collect More Than $100,000 in Unpaid Invoices

May 30, 2019

FH+H Partner Milt Johns successfully helped a government subcontractor collect more than $100,000 in unpaid invoices from their prime contractor after sending a single demand letter.

The client, who had worked on a government contract as a subcontractor, was owed more than $100,000 from their prime contractor. After failed attempts to collect on the owed invoices, the client contacted FH+H for advice on the best way to claim the money owed to them.

FH+H drafted and sent a demand letter to the prime contractor on our client’s behalf, and the contractor promptly paid all owed invoices, saving our client from incurring any litigation costs in resolving the dispute.

FH+H has a robust Government Contracts practice group that is able to guide contractors through the maze of applicable rules and regulations to enable corporate success.

FH+H Helps Defense Contractor Recover Funds in $70M Forfeiture Action

April 08, 2019

FH+H Partners Tom Craig and Milt Johns and Associate Marzia Momen helped a defense contractor settle a case in which the client was accused of defrauding and overcharging the federal government, with FH+H's efforts leading to a recovery of the majority of the contested funds for the client.

The client operates several companies that were subcontracted to provide supplies to U.S. military abroad. The government to action to freeze more than $70 million of the client’s funds, alleging that the funds should be forfeited because of allegations that the client improperly received a disproportionate number of task orders and overcharged the U.S. for the associated work.

Through the efforts of FH+H, a settlement was reached that allowed the client to retain the majority of the contested $70M. The deal also favorably resolved a criminal case and False Claims Act allegation against the client.

FH+H has a robust Government Contracts practice group that is able to guide contractors through the maze of applicable rules and regulations to enable corporate success. Our team has the ability to counsel and represent clients in all stages of government investigation, such as the situation in the case above.

FH+H Successfully Defends Client Award in Two Bid Protests

April 08, 2019

FH+H Partner Milt Johns and Associate Emily Spence intervened in two Government Accountability Office (GAO) protests on behalf of a client who was awarded a federal contract that was then challenged by multiple competitors.

The bid protests involved a federal government contract for information technology security services. Two unsuccessful bidders protested the award at the GAO, challenging the agency's evaluation of the proposals and source selection decision. As counsel for the intervenor, FH+H ensured the client's interests were protected, to include arguing for the redaction of the client's sensitive and proprietary information. GAO's denial of the pretest cleared the way for the client to begin its work for the federal government. 

See information about FH+H's Government Contracts practice.

Federal Court Protects Rights of Military Reservist

April 05, 2019

FH+H Partner Kevin Bynres and Associate Rachel Leahey successfully appealed a ruling by a Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) Administrative Judge excluding evidence of anti-military bias on the part of the employer, a ruling that resulted in the MSPB denying our client all relief.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit vacated the evidentiary ruling. Read the Court of Appeal's Opinion.

The military reservist was litigating several claims before the MSPB, including claims of non-promotion due to anti-military bias. Rather than admit all relevant evidence – as the Administrative Judge should have done – she repeatedly stopped counsel from discussing or questioning agency witnesses about a key piece of evidence. In the end, the Administrative Judge denied all claims – providing no relief.

The Federal Circuit agreed with the argument offed by Byrnes and Leahey that the evidence in question was relevant and its exclusion was an abuse of discretion by the Administrative Judge. Opinion, page 5.

The case will go back to the MSPB for further proceedings, where an Administrative Judge will be required to comply with the Federal Circuit's opinion, allow the introduction of all relevant evidence, and issue a new decision. Our client will get another – better – chance at justice.

“Unfortunately, both in the public and private sector, many military reservists face hostility, limited job prospects, and termination simply because of their commitment to our nation's Armed Forces,” Byrnes said. “This firm is dedicated to eradicating discrimination, retaliation, and reprisal against current and former members of the Armed Forces, and we will continue to strongly advocate their rights.”

Winning isn't easy, but skilled advocates make a difference. In line with FH+H's history and commitment to members of the Armed Forces, our firm has an extensive practice related to USERRA.

The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), is a federal law that protects employees from being discriminated against based on their current or prior uniformed military service.

Led by Byrnes, FH+H's USERRA practice group helps government and private sector employees who are current or past members of the Armed Forces on matters related to their employment.