Our Values

The lawyers of FH+H passionately believe that the practice of law is about helping others. We strive to be more than just providers of legal services — we want to be counselor, advocate, and partner to our clients as they take on individual and corporate challenges. At FH+H, we have an exceptional ability to craft immediate, comprehensive, and customized solutions for our clients, adding value beyond simply drafting documents or reviewing legal requirements. Utterly loyal and absolutely dedicated to our client’s interests, we bring to bear our legal acumen, broad professional networks, and considerable experience to attack every problem confronting our clients.

All of the professionals at FH+H abide by the highest standards of professional ethics. Our backgrounds in public service—from the White House to war zones—have imbued us with a dedication and devotion to duty, honor, and country. We don’t want to just be right, we want to do right.


To improve lives and grow businesses by serving as advocate, counselor, and champion.


To be sought out by clients needing legal services because we:

  • Understand our clients like no one else does
  • Take a holistic, long term view of client needs
  • Anticipate and address client needs with creative, comprehensive solutions that exceed their expectations
  • Are dedicated to providing elite, effective, and efficient counsel
  • Remain focused, rigorous, and responsive regardless of the situation
  • Inspire trust because we choose the harder right over the easier wrong
  • Are more than simple providers of services – we are trusted advisors
  • Always, always place client needs first – even against our own interests