Diversity + Inclusion

At FH+H, diversity and inclusion are fundamental to our firm’s success. As a rapidly growing law firm with a global legal practice, we find strength in our individual differences. Our firm started with a single corporate client and it has grown to help more than 200 corporate clients and 300 individual clients in countries spanning 5 continents, including the UAE, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Our culture of inclusion, along with our diverse staff, reflects this global practice, allowing our lawyers to effectively serve as counselor, advocate, and partner to those tackling individual and corporate challenges worldwide.

Recruiting + Retaining

FH+H lawyers, paralegals, and professional staff have diverse backgrounds in law, business, charitable organizations, the military, and government service, and they comprise a mix of races, ethnicities, religions, cultures, and personal backgrounds, which enables our firm to provide outstanding legal counsel and representation.

FH+H is also committed to diversity outside of our legal services. Our lawyers don’t want a life of just billable work – they want a life of service to their causes, their community, and their country – and they actively give back to the surrounding community, which includes minority groups and programs.

Recruiting and retaining attorneys who share these values of service, integrity, and commitment to excellence is vital in keeping our company culture strong.

Promoting Growth

Inclusion and opportunity go hand-in-hand.

At FH+H, we strive to create a positive and supportive work environment that provides our lawyers, paralegals, and professional staff with the resources and atmosphere necessary to realize their capabilities and growth potentials.

Our firm’s environment also encourages mutual respect and promotes congenial relations between coworkers, including all levels of management, vendors, and clients.

Looking to the Future

While we are proud of our inclusive and supportive culture, FH+H is constantly searching for ways to further embrace diversity and celebrate our differences, and we are committed to continuing the push forward for equal opportunity.